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Welcome to @CubaVen!!!
@CubaVen is a Directory of Legal Privates Houses in Cuba. It is the independent traveler's place. Here you will find all the necessary information for lodging Privates Houses in Cuba. In the houses of @CubaVen you will find advantageous prices, maximum comfort, excellent Cuban food, friendly hosts and maximum security. Choose the private house of your preference and email us to make your reservation. This service is completely gratuitous for the client. The payment for the lodging will be made during your stay in Cuban currency (Cuban Convertible Pesos).

Private House in Cuba

Private House, Rent Room, Bed and Breakfast or Private Home Stay is a kind of rent where you can enjoy with a Cuban Family. These kinds of rent are also a cheaper way to lodge in Cuba, allowing to the visitor a real interaction with the life of the Cuban and their customs, with maximum privacy and comfort. Also, this is a good way to help with Cuban family incomes.

Lodgings Characteristic in @ CubaVen

The privates houses in general offer services of quality in very comfortable houses. The prices for the lodging are between the 20 and 35 cuc per night, with very interesting discounts for longs stays. This price includes the services of cleaning of the room, change of the bed lines, electricity, local service phone, etc. Some of the comforts that are generally available are: air conditioning or fan, private bathroom with hot water 24 hours, fridge, TV and parking for cars. Also there are other services offers in the private houses not included in the lodging price, like, breakfast and meals, laundry and ironing of clothes, internet connection, and so on.

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